Infusion Pump LINSZ-10B

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Product Information

  • Model:LINSZ-10B
  • Certification:CE
  • Net Weight:2.7kg
  • Dimension:354(L)×132(W)×199(H)
  • Brand Name:LEIEN
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Warranty:5 years


Battery Continuous Use Time: About 6 hours (fully charged new battery running with rate 5ml/h)

Rated Consumption: ≤25 VA

Power Supply: AC 100V~AC 242V、50/60HZ

Built-in Batteries: DC 12V 1800mAh, Ni-MH, rechargeable

Infusion Flow Selection: 0.1ml/h~1200ml/h (1-150d/min), original value is 0.1ml/h (1d/min)

Syringe Flow Selection:0.1ml/h~1600ml/h, original value is 0.1ml/h

Syringe Size: 5/6ml, 10/12ml, 20/25ml, 30/35ml,50/60ml

Bolus Rate:Syringe 50ml:1600ml/h

                     Syringe 30ml:900 ml/h

                     Syringe 20ml:600 ml/h

                     Syringe 10ml:400 ml/h

                     Syringe 5ml: 200ml/h

Infusion Range:0.1ml~9999.9ml, original value is 0.1ml

Infusion Precision: volume mode ±5%, drop mode ±2d

Syringe Flow Rate Precision: ±3%

KVO: 0.1~5ml/h

Occlusion Pressure: High:110kPa±20kPa (825mmHg±150 mmHg)

Middle:80kPa±30kPa  (600mmHg±225mmHg)

Low:60kPa±20kPa  (450mmHg±150 mmHg)

The biggest output pressure < 975mmHg(130kPa)

Use Environment:Temperature: 5℃~43℃

Relative Humidity:≤90%RH (Under without condensation status)

Atmospheric Pressure:860hPa~1060hPa

Storage Environment:Temperature:-20℃~+55℃

 Relative Humidity:≤90%RH (Under without condensation status)

 Atmospheric Pressure:860hPa~1060hPa

Waterproof Level: IPX4

Electric Shock Protection: Class I, Type CF

Alarm: occlusion, nearly finish, finish, standby (no operation), door open, low battery, battery exhausted etc.

Function: power indicator, transfusion amount display, flow rate display, infused volume display etc.

Special Function

Keep-Vein-Open (KVO):  After finishing predetermined infusion volume, to prevent the formation of thrombus, continue infusion with preset minimum rate 0.1-5ml/h (setted).

Power Supply Switching Function: When the AC power supply is off, it will automatically switch to internal battery power supply and prompt at the same time. When AC is switched on, it is automatically converted back to AC supply.

Repeat Alarm Function:    After the operator presses the “ SHAPE * MERGEFORMAT

untreated for about 2 minutes, the alarm will sound again to alert the operator to

solve the problem.

Data Memory Function: Save the last setting of sound volume level, brand and occlusion pressure level, to prepare for the next use. The longest memory time is 5 years.

Light:    For convenience, when installing or removing IV line at night or in darkness, light will automatically turn on after the door is open. The light is an LED light source (white).

BatteryProtection Alarm: In order to protect the battery and ensure infusion safety, there are different levels of acousto-optic prompts when the electric quantity of the battery is changing from close to depletion to almost depleted.

Move: When user tries to remove or take away the syringe, give move alarm.

High Flow Safety Confirm:  In order to ensure infusion safety, when the flow rate is greater than 300ml/h (or equivalent), the device will prompt user to confirm again, and will not carry out infusion before confirmation.

Bubble Alarm:    A continuously large number of bubbles going into the human body can form the air

embolus, and it is life-threatening. So when bubble length is about3mm(10.6ul) or

accumulated bubble length is about3mm(10.6ul) is detected, will trigger acoustic-optic


Drip Sensor Slope:   In d/min mode, when there are problems such as tube slope, liquid overflow and misplaced/moved sensor, there will be an alarm.

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